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True Love Tuesdays: A Wedding Toast

Normally our True Love Tuesday posts are about things that couples do for each other. This week’s post is about a friend who obviously spent hours coordinating his toast for his friend’s wedding. This video did it’s rounds on the internet last year, but I thought I would post it here for any of you who missed it.

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True Love Tuesdays: Subway Girl

Patrick was smitten the moment he saw her.  While this isn’t a tale of love at first sight, it is a story of going to great lengths to meet a girl.

She was gorgeous and he remembered every detail of how she looked.  They both stepped onto the same train in a NY subway, and just as he worked up the courage to approach her, the train stopped and a throng of people rushed in.  And then she was gone.

Worried that he would never see his dream girl again, he briefly considered chasing after her, but he didn’t want to seem like a stalker.  That night when he got home, he came up with another plan.

He started up NY Girl of my Dreams – a website where he wrote about his encounter with his dream girl, and even drew a cartoon of what she looked like.  He pleaded for anyone who knew the girl to put him in contact with her.

His wish was granted.  Someone recognized her from his little caricature and emailed him explaining that she was an Aussie magazine intern called Camille, and sent a photo of her to confirm.  Bingo!  Camille was his dream girl.

(Check out a video of their interview here).

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True Love Tuesday: Monica & Landon

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  You know what Tuesday means, right?  That love is in the air!

This Tuesday we are featuring one of our favorite couples – Landon and Monica Nemoto.  Their wedding was absolutely lovely, like an English Garden oasis in the middle of Houston.  Here’s their True Love story.

1.How did you meet?
I’m an interior designer and had started a new job at an architecture firm in 2006. Landon worked in the same building. He says he checked me out at every chance! But he was polite and friendly and bided his time (since I was dating someone then). When I left in 2007, he was disappointed & hoped to run into me again. I was oblivious to his interest, but don’t get me wrong, I was fully aware that a handsome guy worked upstairs… :)
At an industry-related event in Galveston 2009, we were both single & available. We noticed each other from afar on the beach, pretending not to. In fact, I had courage for a few steps then quickly pivoted around thinking, “I’m not sure I want him to see me in a bikini with a beer after all this time!”. It didn’t take long for Landon to contact me for a date. Maybe the bikini was a good thing after all!
Our first date was a night in Kemah, a fun-filled event that had a little bit of everything including a trip around the ferris wheel, fireworks, and pictures in the photo booth. We didn’t know it until later, but we both told friends it was truly “the best date ever” when they pressed us for details.

2.What were your first impressions of each other?
Landon’s first thought was “Whoa – who’s the new girl?!” He’s also said his first impression was that I was “grace defined”. My first impression was that he was extremely handsome & had a magnetic personality, but I couldn’t look too closely since I was taken. I thought he was for sure dating the Marketing girl. Little did I know he was trying to get information out of her about me! We had a karaoke work function one night and I think my heart skipped a beat when I heard him sing. From that point on he made a special impact on me….

3.What are your favorite things about each other now?
Monica: I really love how Landon is so unassuming and unique. He is unique in his personality because he is a strategic-minded engineer yet holds many artistic talents like singing & writing. He is also unique in his cultural background, which I think contributes to a set of gorgeous physical traits. I have discovered all these exciting layers of his persona that he so nonchalantly owns. Most of all, I love how he keeps in step with me; walking beside me as they say. We’ve always had matching energies. And yet somehow he still manages to put me on a pedestal!

Landon: The best part of my day is when I come home to Monica. I’m enjoying new discoveries of my wife every day–what never ceases to amaze me is her indomitable loving nature. Couple that with her desire to constantly better herself–whether it’s reading up on a subject of interest, concocting new dishes in the kitchen, or trying out a new design on our guinea pig of a home–and it’s easy to see why I fell in love with this girl. Our personalities mesh, our chemistry is unparalleled, and our love shines through (much to the chagrin of surrounding couples).

Oh, and she’s incredibly hot…so that helps.

4.How did he propose?
Landon proposed only about 4 months after our first date. We hit it off in Kemah and we always joke that the love train just plowed full steam ahead! I was supposed to go with him to Miami, but ended up getting very sick and had to cancel. We tried again the following month, a few weeks before Halloween. Landon had somewhat targeted Halloween for a proposal since we had really neat costumes planned & a party to attend. But, as we walked alone on the shores of South Beach in Miami, it was like the moment was perfectly carved out for us. The sun was setting & the water was unusually still. You could have heard a pin drop. He threw out any plans he may have had and decided to bend down on one knee right then and there. When I heard the words “I love you so much…” I knew what was coming! He fashioned a homemade ring for me out of wire, but it was too big–so we bought a ring at a souvenir store to keep my finger warm until we could get back to Houston & pick out one together. His cousin joked that if I said “yes” to a piece of wire, it must indeed be true love. Yes, it is!

Thanks for sharing your story with us!  We were honored to be part of your wedding!


True Love Tuesdays: Reunited after 60 years.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be separated from my husband for a whole year, let alone sixty years!  Well that’s what happened to this lovely Russian couple.  This happened back in February, but I only just heard about it this week and had to share!

Read here for this amazing story of true love and seemingly impossible timing!

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True Love Tuesday: Fred & Precious

For our second installment in our “True Love Tuesday” series, we have the story of Precious and Fred.  I love how natural and laid-back their story is, and I really love the part about their first date!  :)  God definitely knew what He was doing when He put these two together – what a great duo!

1. How did you meet?

In my previous life of retail management, my employer transferred me to help grow the Houston market.  Fred (my husband) was Jason’s (my cousin, Heronica’s boyfriend at that time) roommate. My cousin and I are like sisters.  We did everything together.  It was a natural assumption that I should meet Fred.  Very early on, we were informally introduced.  I can remember feeling shy and out of my element. Although he was easy to look at, I was at not at the point in my life to be ready to embrace dating.  I was trying to become acclimated to my new position and new home.  Jason had been hinting that Fred had been asking about me.  I dismissed it.  On New Year’s Eve (1994), Jason called.  Fred had had a few drinks (NOT true) and couldn’t drive his truck.  My family urged me to be his designated driver.  After hours of declining and hours of Heronica urging me to go, I decided that I should not let Fred drive his truck after having drinks.  I chauffeured him around and this turned out to be our first official date.  As it turned out, we had a blast!

2. What were your first impressions of one another?

Cliche, but true, I thought he was tall, dark and handsome. *blush*  I honestly didn’t think any further and never, ever saw us as a couple.  Fred on the other hand said he immediately turned his sights on getting to know me better.  He says I was cute, innocent and a challenge.  He says I knew how to complicate things and look at angles he hadn’t.  I must admit, I did put up a fight.  I can remember him parking outside my aunts house, playing his music and expecting me to answer to the beat of his bass.  Nope… not I.  Ladies do not answer to the beat of bass and horns.  If he wanted me that bad, he could come to the door and ring the bell.  Right?  Right!  With all that fuss I put up, he had me the minute he held my hand.  I felt something in my heart that I had never felt before.  As hard as he was (image), there was a softness that I loved about him.  I guess he felt the same, because he ex’d the nurse he was seeing and we became exclusive.

3. How did he propose?

I’m a planner.  It’s only natural to attempt to plan “my happily ever after” too!  Every decision we made, we made together.  I love that about us.  There is not a romantic tear jerking story to define the elements of our proposal.  It was quite simple, but genuinely us.  We previously talked about what it would be like to spend the rest of our lives together.  I guess Fred is right.  He just told me how I always wanted to talk about things in depth.  “We shouldn’t do this… We should do this because of this… Think about it this way…”  That is so me.  I’m always exploring all the avenues.  The proposal should be no different.  At this point, we’d been through life’s bumps and always held on to each other.  He was my balance… my rock!  We depended on each other and wouldn’t have life any other way.  After our conversation, one Sunday afternoon over lunch, he nervously said, “I’ve been thinking about what we talked about and I want to know if you would spend the rest of your life with me.  I want you to be my wife.”  I looked in his eyes and said, “Of course!”

4. What is your favorite thing about your story?

Life happens the way its meant to happen.  There was no grand plan for Fred and I.  Real love has no plan.  It just happens and we happened just how God intended for us to happen.  At just the right time in my life, my heart opened up and God allowed Fred to walk in.  He shaped us as a couple and prepared us for this journey.  The journey:  I’m loving every minute of it!  Our journey is the favorite thing about our story.  As we continue to write this journey, the key is:  when love is real, you just know it.  There’s no one thing that stands out.  It’s how is all comes together.  Life’s journey and cycle of coming together are all of the things that play a special part of our love story.  Fred is the yin to my yang.  We’re so different, but so much the same.  He’s the love of my life.  We balance each other out.  He completes me and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks Precious for sharing your sweet story with us!

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True Love Tuesday: Brian & Dionne

Today we are introducing a new series on Precious Nuptials Blog – it’s called True Love Tuesdays.  Each Tuesday we will be featuring a true love story, whether it be about how a couple met, how they got engaged, or some other romantic story.

To kick off this segment, I thought that I would share my husband Brian’s and my story.  So here we go!

Brian and I met back in 2004 at Laguna Beach in CA when mutual friends had put on a beach bbq.  I recruited him to come build a sandcastle with me, and I was immeditely attracted to him – I could tell that he was smart, mature, and yet had a funny goofiness about him.  At the time he designed jets for a company in Adelanto and I was a Graphic Designer, so I thought that he was way out of my league – he designed jets, while all I could do was design business cards :D, I never thought he would be interested in me.

We became good friends and then eventually best friends.  It wasn’t until three years later that we confessed that we had feelings for each other (even though my parents and friends of ours pointed out numerous times that we should get together!).  But then after one blissful month of dating, Brian got offered a job contracted with NASA and relocated to Houston for the job.  Normally I wouldn’t even consider a long-distance relationship, but after our solid 3-year friendship, I knew he was worth it.

After two years of only seeing each other once or twice a month, Brian proposed.  But it wasn’t your ordinary proposal.  It was one that he needed help with, because he wouldn’t have been able to do it on his own.

A friend of ours’ boss had been in a car accident, and my friend called me up saying that his boss had two massage gift packages that he now couldn’t use because he was going through back rehabilitation due to the accident.  He asked if I wanted one of them for free, so of course I said yes.  I excitedly called Brian and told him about the free massage I was about to get.

My friend picked me up and off we went to get massages.  I had never had a professional massage and had been wanting one for years.  I was expecting to go to some small little massage place, but we ended up at The Montage at Laguna Beach!!  As we pulled up, I commented to Evan that this was right near where Brian and I had met, but I had no idea what was about to happen next…

We had gotten there about 15 minutes late for our appointment, so when we got to the Spa, I asked the receptionist if there were more openings that day, and if we could push back our appointment so we could have the full one-hour service, instead of just the 45 remaining minutes due to our lateness.  “What name is the reservation under?”  The hostess asked.

“Evan Winter.”  I said.  Evan had a strange expression on his face, but at the time I dismissed it.  She nodded and said that she could change our appointment and then said that I could go in and explore, and my friend went off to check out another part of the hotel.

That afternoon I came out of the spa all rejuvinated and relaxed after an amazing massage.  I came out into the hall in my white robe, and there was Brian – all dressed up in a tie, waiting for me to come out.  I was totally surprised.  I immediately hugged him and knew that he must have come to propose.  But he didn’t right there.  He whisked me off to a wine and cheese tasting, and then at night we went to Laguna Culinary Arts school for a fantastic couples cooking class.

Finally that night we went to the beach where we met – we were the only ones on the beach, and a light from the hotel above was illuminating the sand, and that’s where he presented me with a ring that he had designed for me and proposed.  It was beautiful and so romantic, and of course I said yes!

Side note: Back to Evan’s strange expression at the Spa.  This was all planned by Brian, there was no free massage package from Evan’s boss, so of course there was no reservation under Evan Winter.  So when I told the hostess that we were booked under the name Evan Winter, he knew that there would be no reservations for us, and that I would become suspicious.  The huge coincidence is that there was ANOTHER Evan Winter booked in for a massage that day!  Of course, the other Evan’s appointment was put back to it’s original time – but isn’t that amazing?

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