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Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Will you be my bridesmaid?

He’s popped the question. You said, “Yes!” Now it’s time to ask your girls, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Shouldn’t this moment serve as a great way to build lasting memories?  We thought so too!  When Dionne suggested “Cute ways to ask her to be your bridesmaid” as a blogging topic. I immediately thought about her super creative stationery designs. Dionne comes up the the most creative stationery designs ever. You should see this thank you card she made for her baby shower!  So… I decided to channel my inner Dionne with this topic and comb the web for cute ideas to ask her to be your bridesmaid.

When I was a little girl, I LOVED making paper dolls. Didn’t we all? Naturally, when I stumbled upon this idea, it brought back fond memories of paper doll making of my younger years. :) You’ll find many takes on this cute idea online, but we found the  original source from Anna Bond, of Rifle Designs as it was posted on the blog of Once Wed. Isn’t it adorable?!  We thought so too. Anna was gracious to share step by step instructions along with pictorial diagrams here on Once Wed’s blog.

 Paper Doll Will You be My Bridesmaid Idea{Photo Source}

A card is a really nice idea to “pop the question,” but an in person touch is even more special. Consider hosting a special gathering or a mini getaway to celebrate your newly found engaged status. During cocktails or after dinner and dessert — of course, present each of them with this totally fitting and super cute customized paper doll tote. Tell your girls how special it would be if they would journey through your “I dos” together, at your side.

Will you be my bridesmaid tote idea{Image Source}

You can totally customize this tote at this Etsy store to fit the look of each of them. I love the way you can select each detail to help each doll take on a look of each girl. from three standard skin tones, four hair colors, fifteen hair designs, dress color and belt color are all available options to pick and choose from.

Next, fill each tote with something unique to each of your bridesmaid’s personalities. Don’t forget the Kleenex! She’ll love the effort you put into popping the question just as much as you loved the effort your fiance put into his proposal.

Enjoy and don’t forget to tell us how you”ll ask her, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”


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Free Wedding Printable :: Telegram Save the Date Template

Free Wedding Printable | Save the Date Telegram

We created this free wedding printable with the vintage, shabby chic and burlap era bride in mind.  Stationery is the perfect way to set the tone for your upcoming nuptials. Your Save the Dates will be the first glimpse your guests will have of your upcoming wedding. Why not take the communications back to suit the area of your theme?

free wedding printable


Telegrams were brief in details, as your Save the Dates should be. They were typically printed on yellow paper, folded and delivered in a 6 3/4 window envelope. Western Union telegrams were 8″ x 6.5″ and were folded as pictured below.

free wedding telegram printable

 {Fold Instructions Photo Credit}

Telegram Printable

{Telegram Envelope Credit}


Stamp the return address with a custom telegram stamp, such as this one. You may visit this Etsy store to order your own customized telegram return address stamp.

customized telegram stamp



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One Awesome Groom Wedding Speech!

Groom Wedding Speech Idea: LOVE IT!
YouTube Preview Image

Don’t you look forward to the speech at wedding receptions? So do I! I’ve been known to fight back tears, burst into laughter and get a chilling emotion. I love hearing the childhood memories, the “when they meet” and the all around genuine feelings from the speech deliver’s perspective.’s easy to sit through a good wedding speech. Looking at the length of this one had me thinking, “That’s almost fifteen minutes!” It’s long, but this groom has totally redeemed himself for the length with the content.

Happy Planning!

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Wedding Cakes! Oh my!

If you know me, you know that I’m a bit partial to wedding cakes. I’m that person that beams at cake cutting time. Prior to that, I simply marvel in it’s beauty! Other than you, the beautiful blushing bride, your wedding cake should be the second most beautiful thing at your wedding. 😉

Wedding Cakes

{Pin Source: Southern Weddings}

Admittedly, I’m becoming a total “Pin” addict. Don’t feel sorry for me. It’s a great addiction to have. :) I wake up in the morning and relax in the evening with Pinterest. I’m not alone. Right? Right!  Moving right along… I’ve titled one of my all time favorite boards, “Wedding Cakes! Oh My!”  It’s difficult to not to “ooh” and “aah” at these yummy beauties. Why not share a few with you here? Consider it done, but I’m having a hard time deciding on just a few.

Wedding Cakes

{Pin Source}

We have this cake stand in inventory, by the way.  LOVE IT!

Wedding Cakes

{Pin Source}

It’s different, but I love it. If I ever renewed my wedding vows, this wedding cake would serve as the inspiration to my decor. Yes, I love it that much!

Hand Painted Wedding Cake

{Source: Mali B Sweets}

The hand painted details are to die for!  Not literally, but this wedding cake does offer a gasp effect.

Wedding Cake

{Source: Bride’s Cafe}

Sometimes beauty is found in simplicity.

As promised, we only featured a few of these gorgeous wedding cakes.  Click on over to view my growing personal wedding cake favorites via “Wedding Cakes! Oh My!” and don’t forget to like and repin onto your own collection of favorites. Go ahead and marvel in cake beauty land. Just be sure the tastes goes hand in hand with the visual beauty.  Happy planning and happy pinning!



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QR Codes Makes Its Way To Your Wedding Stationery!

Direct Guests To Your Wedding Website or Collect RSVPs with QR Codes!

QR Code Wedding Invitations

The QR Codes and wedding stationery mix is a clear indication that change is upon us. For the modern or contemorary bride, technology has fantastic ways of presenting itself onto your wedding scene. Although I’m not afraid of change, I like to think of myself as somewhat traditional. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across the idea of using QR Codes (aka: Quick Response Codes) on wedding stationery. Well, I shouldn’t say surprised. Technology is on a constant move that requires you to get on board or get left behind. Gosh, before this blog post, I did’t even have a QR Reader application on my iPhone. I was forced to ask myself, “Am I missing something here?”  In my quest for an answer, I found that Crane & Co. will print a couple’s QR Code on any stationery order. Okay, if a letter pressed beauty can embrace the QR Code, this is worth looking at: QR Code wedding invitations it is!

If you’re in the know with technology, you know of Quick Response Codes and have a handy little reader application on your electronic device. For those of us that don’t know, a QR Code can be scanned, like a bar code, to quickly obtain information, save information or respond with information. The possibilities are too many to list here, but let’s review how it’s used.

  • Download a highly rated free QR reader from the application store on your phone.
  • Scan a QR Code.  You can use this one as an example:
  • That’s it! — Feel free to like us on Facebook while you’re here.


These “quick response codes” are a great way to navigate guest to your wedding website for all the details of your upcoming wedding on a save the date card or collect RSVPs from your wedding invitation. You can expect to hear reservations from Grandma Rose or Uncle Bill, but I’m sure the younger crowd are already on the QR Code bandwagon. Don’t totally eliminate the customary wedding invitation etiquette.  Make sure everyone can be accommodated and utilize the information given on your wedding stationery. The QR Code should only be thought of and used as an additional way to deliver or obtain details, not to eliminate traditional ways.

Here are a few examples:

QR Code Makes Its Way to Your Wedding Save the Date


QR Codes Makes Its Way To Your Wedding Invitation


QR Code Makes Its Way To Your Wedding Invitation Insert


QR Code Makes Its Way To Your Wedding Invitation



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Mayan Themed Wedding

It’s 12.21.12 and you’re planning your up coming wedding. Why not create a Mayan themed wedding celebration?

Mayans wedding traditions are rich with cultural significance and opens the a wide window to incorporate rich color into your decor. Although the traditional Mayan wedding is rustic in comparison to weddings of today, as you learn more about the tradition, I’m sure you’ll find many ways to incorporate a little Mayan into your modern wedding day celebration. Ajua Weddings does a remarkable job of giving an overview of the traditional Mayan wedding ceremony and celebrations. You can read about it here. Make notes and let’s plan!

Here’s what we came up with.

mayan themed wedding design

1 – Ornate Wedding Cake via

2 – Beach setup includes unity candle and ceremony table via

3 – Cactus wedding favor plants via

4 – Mexican paper garland inspired invitations and stationery via

5 – Replace his and hers sweetheart table chair signs with “Senor / Senora” signs via

6 – Sign in table arrangement via Pinterest. I’m sorry. I was unable to locate the original source.

7 – Papel Picado Banners via

8 – Mayan dance entertainers via

9 – Red roses via via

You don’t have to set your Mayan themed wedding with a beach backdrop. Select a hacienda inspired location. A great alternative would be The Bell Tower on 34th Street. The bright LED lit stone water wall area would be a delicious option. The draping of the papel picado banners would work beautifully here. There’s so many possibilities to incorporate modern touches into a Mayan themed wedding setup.


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Where 2 Wednesday: LeBlanc Spa Resort

Destination Wedding Honeymoon Planning

You’re not a typical destination wedding bride.

You’re sophisticated in every sense of the word.

Your style is contemporary with a minimalist approach.

Your destination wedding fête will be an adults only atmosphere.

Your are a LeBlanc bride!

LeBlanc Spa Resort is located in the hotel zone of Cancun, Mexico and proves to be a magnificent destination wedding location.  Upon arrival, the clean lines of the exterior prepares you the explore the contemporary details beyond.  If you love clean lines and white space as much as I do, you won’t be disappointed as the minimal approach is carried throughout the resort’s design.

Now that you’ve glimpsed at the makeup of the resort, we know that you’d like a glimpse of a destination wedding setup at LeBlanc.  These are actual setup images of the basic Royale Wedding Package that begins at $1499USD for 2010-2011.  Coupled with LeBlanc’s upgrade availabilities and the help of the destination wedding planner’s personal touches, this setup (as with any of their other setups) offers easy customization to fit your needs and personality.

The beach area is always neatly groomed and ready to accept your wedding guests.  Take notice of the smooth sand that forms the pathway to your nuptial oasis.

Would you like to see more?  Visit our Facebook Fanpage for more images of LeBlanc Spa Resort.


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Themed-up Thursdays: Corporate Office Themed Wedding

Did you and your fiance meet at the office?  Is that where the sparks started flying?  Why not pay tribute to that and have a Corporate Office themed wedding?

Think about the objects, colors and textures that you’d find in a corporate office.  The navy pinstripe of a man’s suit could easily be incorporated into your theme with pinstripe linens.  You could also include memo boards (like the ones at Luxury Gifts by Nikki) to attach your seating assignments to.

Don’t forget your contacts!  Filofaxes are a fun way to replace your traditional guest book, as seen at this lovely wedding.  Along with your guest book, guests would also have fun with Post-it-note cubes as favors.  You can even have them custom printed with your names and wedding date at specialized Post-it printers like Basler or Image Maker Graphics.

When it comes to your color scheme, think what colors represent the corporate office to you.  I think of navy and light blue, with rich reds as highlights.  Then of course I think of steely greys to go with them.

Alternatively, you could make it even more personal by using the colors of the company you met at, but for some, that might be too much work during play-time :).


Themed-up Thursdays: Urban Industrial

Urban Industrial themed weddings find the perfect balance of modern and rustic.  There’s that blend of contemporary minimalism with that gritty, urban look.  Think exposed brick walls with steel details.  Great locations to have Urban Industrial weddings are modern galleries, warehouses, or any spaces that have that raw edge to them.

When choosing your colors, think about colors of the city.  Shades of grey work perfect for this, and are a great base color to add pops of brighter colors to.  Perhaps anchor the greys with a deep purple, and then to lighten up the palette, why not contrast with white, and introduce a warm color like a peach?

To really reinforce that gritty, urban edge, setting up a graffiti wall guest book would be a memorable addition.  From an art store, purchase a long, wide canvas and a few cans of spray paint in your wedding colors.  Don’t forget to buy a drop cloth to protect the floor around the canvas, and then your guests can spray their sentiments for you, graffiti-style.

Some Decor ideas to pull off your Urban Industrial event are:

– Homme/Femme Male and Female vases from CB2 really give that industrial look, and are a great way to represent you as a bride and groom

– An unexpected bridal bouquet would be to include black flowers.  You could try Black Tulips or Black Dahlias to make your bouquet look feminine yet a little edgy.

– Industrial Iron Tealight holders from CB2 would also be a great addition to your theme.  The modern boxy shape with the circle perforations and grey, antiqued finish really give that rustic element to the Urban Industrial look.

– Anything raw or exposed really contributes to the Urban Industrial look, so in addition to exposed brick walls, exposed pipes and fixtures also do the trick.  These Industrial Candleholders from Etc Ink are made from salvaged steel pipes and would be a great addition to your decor list.

– Nothing speaks urban more than a street sign.  Vintage street signs would be a great way to add texture and interest to your decor.  Think about relevant signs for a wedding, or you as a couple, instead of just random signs.  A great example of a relevant street sign would be a “One Way” sign.

– Terraniums are a great minimalist centerpiece. You could cluster them in tight groups on round tables, and line them up in straight lines along rectange tables.  The modern shape and clear glass housing a minimalist plant would definitely be a unique and memorable centerpiece display.  L Brandt Terraria has a great range to choose from.

Do you have any ideas on how to decorate for an Urban Industrial wedding?  If you do, please share in the comments!


Fun Find Friday :: Cute Hair Accessories That Add POP!

Several years ago brides gushed at the idea of adding popping shoe colors to their wedding day attire.  We found these lovely hair accessories that can surly make a statement at your destination wedding attire, wedding reception attire or a fun casual backyard wedding!

Our first stop is Pixel and Hank.  This is bridal accessory haven!  Not only do they offer fun hair accessories, but also handmade boutonnieres – perfect for the vintage backyard fête.

Ali sales for $56USD and is a ruffled headband with a vintage broach.

Also retails for $56USD, Bree is adorned with vintage pale blue jewels against a dramatic fuchsia and wine fabric.

ZaraLee is a simple and soft headband of rosettes and sales for the bargin price of $16USD.

These are just a few samples of Pixel and Hank’s offerings.  Head on over to get a full glimpse of the rest of their fabulous handmade offerings.

We love the monarch butterfly!  You can view a previous post featuring a monarch design inspiration here.  I immediately thought of you and wanted to share this one with you too.  This would be perfect for a Mexico destination wedding (remind me to tell you about the connection with the monarch butterfly).

This cluster of Monarch butterflies are positioned on this comb as they are ready to take flight. At only $35USD, this comb is also featured in pastel colors. We love the authentic look.

Which Goose feature 173 fun items!  We’ll feature a quick glimpse, but invite you the click here to see the full collection.

Drops of Jupiter is a set of four hair pins that retails for $25USD

Ideal for a garden celebration, Queen of Woods is made of all natural elements and retails for $65USD.

We hope you enjoy viewing these items.  Before you go, don’t forgot to enter to win a free engagement or anniversary photo shoot.  We have all the details here!

Happy Friday :)

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