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Wedding Theme Idea :: Modern Industrial

A Modern Contemporary Industrial Wedding Theme IdeaWedding Theme Idea : Industrial Wedding Theme

If you’re searching for a wedding theme idea, this industrial theme may be fitting for the mechanic or industrial engineer at heart. There are so many details that we could not include. Take this wedding theme idea to a new level by letting your imagination run wild and creating a wedding design that is uniquely you!  

Wedding Theme Idea :: Industrial Theme Wedding


Create a set of blue prints that layout your seating chart. Have this layout professionally industrial blueprinted and display it on a wooden planked industrial table for guest to view. You can also use this as a unique guest sign in item. Bring the finished post event blueprint to your local Hobby Lobby for framing and displaying in your new home. Save by waiting for Hobby Lobby to issue on online or monthly framing coupon. You will save and have an awesomely framed finish product! 

Wedding Theme Idea :: Industrial Wedding Theme

With this wedding theme idea, you create a wedding inspired metal manufacture plate, for guests escort cards. In the company name section, insert a creative company name that depicts the couple or simply use the couple’s name. Be creative with the remainder of the design leaving a space for the obvious: guest name and table number.  If using specific seating assignments, work order tags at place settings can be used with “your company’s logo” and guest name printed in your industrial font. 

Set up your seating area to mimic an industrial building’s waiting area. Dress it up with throw pillows, candles and floral.  This wedding theme idea would work fabulously in the Houston’s event space fifty-two-twenty-six located at 5226 Elm Street.

Wedding Theme Ideas :: Industrial Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme Idea :: Industrial Wedding Theme

Visit the website for details, schedule a tour and tell them you heard about it on the Precious Nuptials’ Blog.


Houston Wedding Planner

Inspiration Image Sources:

Throw Pillows; Boutonniere and Wall Art; Bride and Groom; Invitation; Seating; Table Number; Place Card Holders via, Chargers, Candle Holders, Cake

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Paper Wedding Decorations :: Your Wedding Ceremony!

Paper Wedding Decorations: A trend that offers so many ways to be creative with your wedding decor!

paper wedding decorations

{Source and DIY Instructions}

Once upon a time, paper wedding decorations consisted of pedal cones, paper doilies and Chinese lanterns. Today, paper is taking on an entire new shape into today’s wedding decorations. It’s time to take green weddings to an entire new level!

As wedding couples embrace the do it yourself factor and earth friendly ways to incorporate paper into wedding decor, there are a some really unique and personal ways to add paper to your wedding ceremony decorations.  Keep in mind, your imagination is your gateway personalizing the incorporation of paper wedding decorations into your wedding ceremony decor.  From the aisle to the ceremony backdrop, paper has made it’s way to the ceremony space in a big way.

paper wedding decorations


Add a pinwheel backdrop for eye catching texture or as gazebo decoration elements. Giant paper flowers also work well as gazebo or wedding ceremony arch decorations. The large paper flower tutorial in the image at the very top of this post, can be duplicated to form a stand alone wedding ceremony backdrop in the colors of your choice.  If you’re a crafty bride, website tutorials are easily found on the web to help give you inspiration and guidance through the creation process.

paper wedding decorations


paper wedding decor


Paper garland of various types are a great use of paper. Garland elements can be made up of different shapes, including two dimensional and three dimensional elements: hearts, pom poms, origami cranes, mini paper flowers, etc. Look at some of these inspirational ideas.

paper wedding decorations


paper wedding decorations


paper wedding decorations : origami cranes garland


Incorporating paper wedding decoration possibilities are endless!  Whether you’re a do it your self type of bride or you choose to comb the web for ready made options, paper is in.  We’d love to hear how you’re going to use paper as a part of your wedding ceremony decor.



Houston Wedding Planners


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Mayan Themed Wedding

It’s 12.21.12 and you’re planning your up coming wedding. Why not create a Mayan themed wedding celebration?

Mayans wedding traditions are rich with cultural significance and opens the a wide window to incorporate rich color into your decor. Although the traditional Mayan wedding is rustic in comparison to weddings of today, as you learn more about the tradition, I’m sure you’ll find many ways to incorporate a little Mayan into your modern wedding day celebration. Ajua Weddings does a remarkable job of giving an overview of the traditional Mayan wedding ceremony and celebrations. You can read about it here. Make notes and let’s plan!

Here’s what we came up with.

mayan themed wedding design

1 – Ornate Wedding Cake via

2 – Beach setup includes unity candle and ceremony table via

3 – Cactus wedding favor plants via

4 – Mexican paper garland inspired invitations and stationery via

5 – Replace his and hers sweetheart table chair signs with “Senor / Senora” signs via

6 – Sign in table arrangement via Pinterest. I’m sorry. I was unable to locate the original source.

7 – Papel Picado Banners via

8 – Mayan dance entertainers via

9 – Red roses via via

You don’t have to set your Mayan themed wedding with a beach backdrop. Select a hacienda inspired location. A great alternative would be The Bell Tower on 34th Street. The bright LED lit stone water wall area would be a delicious option. The draping of the papel picado banners would work beautifully here. There’s so many possibilities to incorporate modern touches into a Mayan themed wedding setup.


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Emerald Green 2013 Color of the Year Wedding Palette Inspirations

Earlier this month, Pantone announced emerald green as the color of the year for 2013.  No longer green with envy, emerald will surly grace many weddings, home decor and attire selections in 2013.

Emerald has a natural stake in your wedding color palette.  When considering things, I always go back to the meaning of elements.  In this case, it’s exiting to know that emerald comes with a meaning of great love, loyalty and devotion.  Yes, that’s a perfect symbol to surround your nuptials with!   Consider using emerald in various ways.  It doesn’t have to serve as the main color of your scheme.  Actually, it would be a delicious accent color against a soft color scheme as well.

We’ve put together emerald green color palette inspirations that we hope will inspire you.  Enjoy.

Don’t forget to comment and share with us ways that you plan to use emerald green in your wedding palette.


emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration one

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding color palette inspiration

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration ten

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration six

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration seven

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration nine

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration four

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration forteen

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration two

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration tweleve

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration three

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration thirteen

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration five

emerald 2013 color of the year wedding palette inspiration fifteen



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Themed-up Thursday: French Wine & Cheese

I have a background in Graphic Design, so I am often inspired by graphic and fine art.  Recently, I came across this painting by Janet Hill, “Port and French Cheeses” that would make a lovely springboard for Wedding Inspiration.

The intimate but stately room, with a table of french delicacies is definitely a great setting for wine and cheese enthusiasts, without doing the usual “vineyard theme”.  The French twist gives it another layer of dimension.

Some decor ideas to carry out this theme would be French urns in rich colors, centerpieces mixing flowers with fruit, elaborate cheese displays, wine favors with personalized labels (available from My Personal Artist), chandeliers, dark wood tables… there’s so much you can do with this theme.

I think I need to take a field trip to France, just to make sure I have this theme right!  :)

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Themed-up Thursday: A Vintage Garden theme

Are you a Green Thumb?  Do you enjoy gardening or visits to the arboretum?  Capturing the beauty of the outdoors is a common theme among weddings.  Gardens remind us of love and romance, taking us back to novels and tales that set our hearts a-flutter.  That’s why I love Vintage Garden Weddings.

Set amongst the backdrop of nature, your event can be set under the stars, or under the morning light.  There are so many ways that you can reinforce your Vintage Garden theme, and here are just a few ideas.

– A whimsical Garden cupcake topper, like those found at Lollipop Workshop.

– Give guests a romantic floral handkerchief as their take-home favor.  You can find beautiful vintage ones at Sadie Olive, Vintage Nelly, and Artemisia’s Closet.

– Arrange your ceremony programs in a vintage garden cart.  You can find carts at Garden Plant Stands and Hobby Lobby.

– A lovely treat for your guests would be Flower Pot Cupcakes.  Martha Stewart has a great recipe and tutorial here.  I’ve made them before, and believe me – not only will they impress your guests, but they taste delicious!

– Instead of a regular satin ring pillow, have your Ring Bearer carry your rings on a lovely tufted moss ring pillow.  You can learn how to make them at this tutorial at Once Wed, or if you aren’t very good at DIY Projects, you can purchase one similar at April Hiler Design.

There’s so many possibilities with this theme.  What would you include in a Vintage Garden theme wedding?


Themed-up Thursdays: A School Themed Weddings

Are you marrying your high school sweetheart?  Are you both school teachers?  If so, then a School-themed wedding might be a fun theme for your wedding day.

What do you think of when you think of your school days?  Books, chalkboards, apples for the teachers… and if you went to a Private school like I did, you’d think of plaid uniforms.

The best way to make a resonating theme throughout your wedding is in the small details.  Introduce the theme in your wedding invitations so that guests will have a sneak-peek of what to expect on your day.  You could make your invitation look like a note that you passed in class, but instead of ratty, torn-up paper, you could have it professionally printed on cardstock with a feint-ruled background, but have the edges hole punched like it was ripped from a notebook.  Another way you could do it is to have your invitations inserted into a vintage schoolbook, similar to what Jessica Claire did here for her wedding invitations.

Here are some ideas for different elements of your School-themed Wedding:

Favors: Apples, pencil sets stamped with your names and the wedding date, a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird (or another book that was required-reading in school that you enjoyed), a lunchbox with your favorite type of sandwich for guests to munch on for the ride home.

Decor: Apple place card holders, a chalkboard seating chart, a locker to store coats/jackets.

Just remember to carry your theme throughout your event – from your favors, to your decorations.  Have fun with it, and remember details specific to your schooling experience as a couple.  It will make for a memorable day for all your guests!

Don’t forget about our Engagement/Anniversary shoot contest.  Come by and enter over here.


Fun Find FRIDAY! :: Sugary Goodness for Your Wedding Coffee Station

Gourmet Sugar Company has gone out of the way to provide an experience at your coffee or tea station.  They offer several organic flavors and even offer a vegan option.  Here are some of what they have to offer:

Rose shaped organic sugar cubes! This is just too darn cute.

Wedding cake organic sugar shapes!

Sea shell shapes! How perfect for your destination wedding?

Sample Pack Gourment Sugar Company

Don't know which flavor to try? Order a sample pack and customize the shape to your needs.

Be sure to visit their website and become their friend on Facebook.  Be sure to tell them you saw it first here!

PS::  A special thanks to Carter Elite Travel for sharing this with us!

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Rain on your wedding day :: a new sexy!

During a consultation with one of our destination wedding couples last week, we began the forbidden “weather” discussion.  We laughed at how our destination bride-to-be’s grandfather enjoyed Molly and Jason’s (ABC’s The Bachelor) downpour at their outdoor wedding ceremony.  At that moment I realized that couples are truly beginning to embrace their wedding day’s events as mother nature means for it to happen.

No doubt, it’s all in the attitude.  We can’t control the weather, but we can certainly control our reactions and overall attitudes to things we cannot control.  If you’re planning a tropical destination wedding, it’s not uncommon for the sky to open up one minute and the sun to peak through the clouds the next.  Embrace this possibility and run with it… the grown and sexy way!

Here’s a clip of Molly and Jason’s beautiful rainy day wedding from ABC’s The Bachelor ::

Tell us…

How would you like a wet, rainy wedding ceremony?  I’d totally dig it!  After all, rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck.  [wink]

Until next time!

[Here’s to your precious nuptial :: Cheers!]


Colour Me Butterfly


This past Thursday, @TweetMyWedding of Overheard Wedding Twitter posted this picture of this oh so gorgeous gown!  We would love to see the right bride express their self with this inspiration.  Gorgeous!  Isn’t it?

This beautiful creation is part of Luly Yang’s Metamorphosis collection.  The name of this collection is rather fitting.

Cocoon :: Concept   +   Caterpillar :: Development   =  Colour Me Butterfly

Colour Me Butterfly

Colour Me Butterfly

We think Luly Yang’s website says it best.


[To your precious nuptial :: Cheers!]


Photo Credits:

Gown :: Flickr Photo via outlier*

Marigold & Tealights ::

Pomander Branch & Feather Ornaments :: {LD} Design

White Butterfly Cake :: Who Made the Cake?

Birdcage Veil :: Castle Bride Couture

Feather Shoes :: Halberg Photographers

Butterfly Release :: Lake Lanier Official Vistors Guide

Cocktail Hour Setup :: BBJ Linen

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