Themed-up Thursdays: A Long-Distance Themed Wedding

One of my favorite things about Weddings is how personal they are.  The most memorable weddings to me have always been the ones where you can really see the personality and background of the couple in all the details.

To kick off Themed-up Thursdays, I thought it would be appropriate to get the ball rolling by talking about a theme close to my heart – Long-distance themed Weddings.

My husband and I had a 2-year Long-distance relationship before we got married, so we really wanted to reflect that in our wedding details.  Some ways that we made that theme clear was to have our flower arrangements sprouting out of suitcases (the suitcases symbolized all our traveling back and forth), a quirky suitcase wedding cake, guests threw paper airplanes instead of confetti or rice, and our wedding invitations also carried the long-distance theme saying “Brian & Dionne’s ‘Kiss Long-Distance Goodbye’ Wedding Celebration”.

Everyone at the wedding commented on the theme, and said it was one of the most memorable weddings they’d ever been to.

When planning a long-distance themed wedding, think about items that remind you of that.  Items like vintage telephones, letters, postcards, passports and luggage tags are all great ways to punctuate your wedding with this theme.  Other decor elements like world globes and maps would add an interesting, unexpected element to your decor.  Remember, not everything needs to be white and frilly.  Today’s weddings are more about the couple themselves, not traditional frills and lace.  You want to make your wedding be recognizable as your day instead of a generic wedding that could be for any couple.

Here are two great Long-distance themed elements online.  A set of recycled map envelopes from Picklehead, along with a lovely vintage telephone from Tessimal.  If you have any great ideas for Long-distance themed items, feel free to share them with our readers in the comments!


9 Comments on Themed-up Thursdays: A Long-Distance Themed Wedding

  1. precious says:

    I love this theme, Dionne!

    The vintage telephone idea is really cute. Wouldn’t it be awesome to customize a leather bound vintage address book as a sign in book? Picture distressed brown leather, made with aged ivory paper and vintage black/gold letter markers (remember that?). Guests could include the traditional contact info.: name, address and telephone number(s). However, keeping with current times, also email address, Skype, twitter and/or facebook with a comments section for each entry. The couple would walk away with a great memento that they could actually put to immediate use!

  2. Dionne says:

    Oooh, I love it! Such a great idea, and I love how it’s a pretty keepsake as well as being functional!

  3. Sey says:

    I love this theme and the idea! It made me excited to plan and I think I want to do wedding planning too! It’s amazing Dionne!!!

  4. Mo says:

    what an awesome idea ! i didnt know that about you Dionne !! sooo adorable and personal !! with my 3 years long distance relationship i should totally pick this theme if we ever get married !

  5. MaggiSaar says:

    I’ve said it one, I’ve said it 1000 times and I’ll say it 1000 more; your wedding was one of the most beautiful and lovely weddings I’ve ever been too. That cake was amazing! And I loved the paper airplanes. The setting was grand, and the night just perfect. You deserved nothing less.

    I am so tempted just to bug you at work all the time. Lucky for you I’m going on maternity leave. 😉

  6. Lavon says:

    What a unique, fun idea!

  7. Heather says:

    My sweetie and I have been in a long distance relationship and are planning a “vintage long distance love” wedding theme. Thanks for some of the ideas they were really great!!

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